About the Book

A Paradigm Shift in Brain Health and Aging

The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle brings together the latest in neuroscience research to present a new paradigm of brain health and aging. Only recently has it been discovered that the brain produces new brain cells throughout our entire lives, a process called neurogenesis. The rate at which we form new brain cells has a profound influence upon every aspect of our life.

When the rate of neurogenesis is low, we see cognitive deficits and memory problems, anxiety and stress, depression, and lowered immunity. Life is difficult.

With high rates of neurogenesis we see the opposite: enhanced cognitive abilities, rapid learning, emotional resilience, protection from anxiety, stress and depression, heightened immunity and robust health. We flourish. Life is wonderful.


You can operate at a higher level than you ever imagined.
You can upgrade your brain and improve your life – starting today.
This book shows you HOW.


  • Think faster
  • Improve your memory
  • Prevent or delay dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Protect from stress and depression
  • Feel vitality, energy, aliveness
  • Engage with people, deepen relationships
  • Connect with your loving center of peace

Radically Change Your Brain at Any Age

You can enhance your brain and life – whether you are in your 20’s or 30’s or whether you are in your 50’s, 60’s or older. Our bodies are surviving longer than ever before, but what good is an extended life span if your brain can’t go the distance?

Revolutionary discoveries in the emerging field of neurogenesis reveal the secrets of cognitive enhancement. This pioneering book presents research scattered in obscure scientific journals and offers a helpful, simple approach to improve your brain and all parts of your life.

Start today to feel better, live better, and stay sharp longer!

#1 International Bestseller